A study of the traditional Japanese concept of obligation in the light of Christianity /

Johnson, Bonnevieve M,

A study of the traditional Japanese concept of obligation in the light of Christianity / [print] By Bonnevieve M. Johnson. - 1956. - 119 leaves ; 29 cm.

Typescript. Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 2. General Concept of Indebtedness (On) Chapter 3. Loyalty to Emperor (Chu) Chapter 4. Obligations to Family (Ko) Chapter 5. Obligation to Personal Honor (Giri) Chapter 6. Relationshps With Gods (Kami-Hotoke) Chapter 7. The Light of Christianity

Statement and Limitation of Problem As cultural concept As traditional concept Sources of Data and Methods of Procedure Preview of Thesis. Unique Japanese Ethical Principles Religious Characteristics of Ethics Accompanying Obligations Obligations incurred (on) ; Repayment of indebtedness (gimu) ; Indebtedness to Emperor (chu) ; Indebtedness to family (ko) ; Repayment of indebtedness (giri) ; Obligations to Gods (kami) ; Interrelation of indebtedness. Historical Backgrounds Loyalty to feudal lords Loyalty to Emperor Person of Emperor Mythological foundation of "deity" ; Historical foundation of "deity" ; Response of veneration to "deity" ; State Shinto Compulsory character of State Shinto Religious character of State Shinto Post War Changes Future Trends. General Concept of ko Concept of Family Implications of Filial Piety Marriage Child care Consideration of parents The deceased family. Historical Code of Honor General Concepts of Giri Accompanying Sensitivity Methods of Maintaining Face Etiquette Round about dealings Concept of truth Stoicism Hierarchy Giri to One's Fellows Consequences of Losing Face. Concept of Deity Definition of kami and hotoke Humanity of the gods Concept of Man Dealing with Gods Amalgamation of Religions. Necessity of Understanding of Culture Concept of Culture Integration of Culture Conflict and Accomodation of Christianity and Other Cultures Concept of On and Christianity Relationship of On and Christian loyalty Relationship of On and Christian benevolence Relationship of On and personal worth Relationship of On and the Christian's God Unique and absolute nature of God Nature of man Conclusion.

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