Media effects : advances in theory and research /

Media effects : advances in theory and research / edited by Jennings Bryant, Dolf Zillmann. - Hillsdale, New Jersey : L. Erlbaum Associates, (c)1994. - ix, 505 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm. - LEA's communication series .

1. News influence on our pictures of the world 2. Growing up with television : the cultivation perspective 3. A priming effect analysis of media influences : an update 4. Social cognitive theory of mass communication 5. Mass media attitude change : implications of the elaboration likelihood model of persuasion 6. The expanding boundaries of political communication effects 8. Fright reactions to mass media 9. The impact of sexually explicit media 10. Minorities and the mass media : 1970's to 1990's 11. Media effects on advertising 12. Principles of successful public communication campaigns 13. Effects of media on personal and public health 14. Media uses and effects : a uses-and-gratifications perspective 15. Entertainment as media effect 16. Social aspecs of new media technologies M. McCombs G. Gerbner, L. Gross, M. Morgan, and N. Signorielli E. Jo and L. Berkowitz A. Bandura R.E. Petty and J. R. Priester J.M. McLeod, G.M. Kosicki, D.M. McLeod -- 7. The question of media violence B. Gunter J. Cantor R.J. Harris B.S. Greenberg and J.E. Brand D.W. Stewart and S. Ward R.E. Rice and C. Atkin J.D. Brown and K. Walsh-Childers A.M. Rubin D. Zillmann and J. Bryant F. Williams, S. Strover, and A.E. Grant

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Mass media--Psychological aspects.--United States
Mass media--Social aspects--United States.
Mass media--Political aspects--United States.
Mass media--Influence.--United States

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