Islam and Pakistan : a descriptive study /

Williams, Alda May,

Islam and Pakistan : a descriptive study / [print] by Alda May Williams. - 1953. - iv, 121 leaves : illustrations ; 29 cm.

Typescript. I. The Land and Its People II. The Religion and Culture Prior to the Entrance of Islam III. Islamic Penetration of the Land IV. Internal Influence of Islam in the Land V. External Influences on Islam in the Land Virgin Islands Present Day Islamic State of Pakistan Virgin IslandsI. Summary Table of Maps

Geography: The Land Ethnology: The People What races? ; Where from? ; Basic Characteristics Psychologically Physically. Initially: Aryan, the Religion of the Vedas Development: ; Aryan Hinduism Buddhism Jainism. Historical Sketch: Successive Waves of Advance Religious Characteristics of the Invaders. By Religion Hinduism Aryan By Political Aspirations Mahrattas Sikhs. By Turks By Mughals By Persians By British By Rise of Indian Nationalism. Social and Economic Life Liberalizing Influences Ahmadiya Movement Distribution of other Religions Christian Missions. A: Human Rights in Pakistan B: Mission Societies in Pakistan C: Map of West Pakistan and Key. Map of India Showing East and West Pakistan Map of West Pakistan and Key.

Columbia Bible College--Dissertations.



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