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110 _aCaptivating History
245 1 _aGermania :
_bA Captivating Guide to the History of a Region in Europe where Germanic Tribes Dominated and How it Transformed into Germany /
_cCaptivating History.
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_bCaptivating History,
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490 _aCaptivating History
505 0 _tIntroduction ;
_tThe Early History of Germania ;
_tThe Barbarian Leaders ;
_tThe Merovingians and the Carolingians ;
_tThe Holy Roman Empire ;
_tThe Reformation ;
_tThe Thirty Years' War ;
_tThe Age of Enlightenment ;
_tNapoleon and the Revolution in Germany ;
_tThe Many Wars and the Unification ;
_tWorld War I ;
_tWorld War II ;
_tModern Germany ;
520 _aGermany is a relatively young nation-state. United in 1871, it's even younger than the United States. However, the territories inhabited by the Germanic people have a rich history that reaches far back in prehistory and antiquity. Located in the heart of Europe, Germany witnessed centuries of conflicts, immigration, and negotiations. Consequently, its shape, size, and ethnicity changed throughout history. The territories which constitute Germany today were often war zones, and at times they would join forces against a common enemy or break apart due to internal conflicts. Because of these conflicts, Germany's boundaries, as well as what it means to be German, fluctuated throughout history and, in some way, are still evolving. The region's long and troubled history influences its present, its politics, and its nationality.
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