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110 _aCaptivating History,
245 1 _aAssyrian history :
_bA captivating guide to the Assyrians and their powerful empire in Ancient Mesopotamia/
_cCaptivating History.
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505 0 _tIntroduction ;
_tThe Assyrians Arrive in Mesopotamia: The Early Assyrian Period ;
_tThe Birth of Civilization: The Old Assyrian Empire to the Middle Assyrian Empire ;
_tThe Beginning of the Neo-Assyrian Empire ;
_tImperial Expansion and the Golden Age of the Neo-Assyrian Empire ;
_tThe Fall of the Empire ;
_tAssyrian Government ;
_tThe Assyrian Military ;
_tLife in the Assyrian Empire ;
_tAssyrian Culture: Art, Math, and Science ;
_tAssyrian Religion ;
520 _aLocated in modern-day Iraq, ancient Mesopotamia, the land between the great Tigris and Euphrates rivers, is where it all began. It's the part of the world where some 6,000 years ago people finally said goodbye to their lives as hunters and gatherers, started farming, and began building civilizations. It's from these civilizations that we get some of the most famous contributions to world history and culture, from the Epic of Gilgamesh to Hammurabi's famous code of law, which gave rise to the popular saying "an eye for an eye." The story of Mesopotamia is one that is full of constantly changing borders, rising and falling civilizations, and, of course, war and conquest. The world's first empires would emerge here and spend thousands of years exchanging territories, swapping alliances, and fighting for supremacy. It was a real-life game of Risk being played out by some of the world's most revered, yet feared, leaders. But of all the famous civilizations to emerge from Mesopotamia, a list that includes the Akkadians, the Sumerians, and the Babylonians, it's the Assyrians who deserve the fame and glory. The empire they constructed over the course of some 1,200 years survived constant attacks, a few defeats, and the famed Dark Age known as the Bronze Age collapse to become one of the largest and most expansive empires the world has ever seen.
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650 _aAncient Mesopotamia
653 _aAssyria, Babylon, and Sumer History
655 _aHistory.
830 _aCaptivating History
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